Location: Home3PT Series Pressure Transmitter

Apply to the vast majority industrial applications

Due to their incompatibility with most gases and liquids (including mild corrosive gas and liquid), the 3PT series pressure transmitter can be used in most industrial sectors.

Excellent performance and quality

With its innovative design and constant pursuit of high quality, the 3PT series pressure transmitters have passed a series of extreme test.

Attractive price/performance ratio

The compact and robust design, coupled with its perfect performance, make it a top product with a good cost.

Technical parameter


3PT10001, typical

Electrical Connector

Hersman, Packard, flying leads

Pressure Joint


Operating Temperature

-20 80 , typical


Gases and liquids, including mild  corrosive gases and liquids

Pressure Range

0 400 bar

Proof Pressure

1.5 times of the maximum operating  pressure

Burst Pressure

2.0 times of the maximum operating  pressure

Operating Voltage

10 to 30 Vdc


4 to 20 mA

Output Load

(Vsupply-10)/0.02A Ω

Accuracy (linearity, hysteresis,  repeatability, @25℃)